Aircraft Long Term Storage


Posted on Sep 24, 2020 by Roger Whittier

If you're planning to leave the plane unused for two or more months it would be worthwhile to consider:

  1. Remove the battery and charge/de-sulphate it using a battery minder or similar product. See Battery Minders website
  2. Change the oil before storage as the old oil has a build up of nasty stuff (water and acids) that may damage the engine over an extended period of time. You canyou’re your normal fresh oil but for longer periods consider Aeroshell Fluid 2F Preservation OilBuy and install an engine dehumidifier, here is one version at Aircraft Spruce
    It may indeed be considered overkill by many but Continental publishes SIL 99.1 Engine Preservation for Active and Stored Engines (pdf)
  3. It would be appropriate to hangar the aircraft to keep it out the elements if at all possible.
  4. For longer periods the airframe may require some periodic maintenance as tires will flatten and animal or pests (birds, mice, etc…) love to make the plane a home. These can destroy wiring and other systems.

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