Jul 22
Regional events

OSH24 COPA Dinner

COPA's annual OSH Dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn. Join the fun with a great dinner, speaker, and...
Oshkosh, WI
North Central United States Region
Aug 15
Regional events

2024 COPA Mackinac Island Fly-In

Mark your calendars for one of COPA's most popular trips! The 2024 COPA Mackinac Island Fly-In will be...
Mackinac Island
Northeast United States Region
Aug 16
Safety events

CPPP 3-Day | Sacramento, CA

CPPP 3-Day in Sacramento, CA. August 16-18, 2024.

Sacramento, CA
Southwest United States Region
Aug 23
Regional events

2024 COPA Churchill Trip

Don't miss out on one of COPA's most popular trips! Trip leader Andy Niemyer will host a trip of a...
Churchill, Canada
North Central United States Region
Aug 24
Safety events

CPPP One-Day - Pinehurst, NC

CPPP One-Day in Pinehurst, NC | Registration is OPEN!

August 24, 2024

Pinehurst, NC
Southeast United States Region
Sep 13
Safety events

CPPP 3-Day | Baden-Baden, Germany

CPPP 3-Day in Baden-Baden, Germany. September 13-15, 2024.

Baden-Baden, Germany
DACH Region
Sep 14
Safety events

CPPP One-Day - Louisville, KY

CPPP One-Day in Louisville, KY

September 14, 2024

Louisville, KY
Southeast United States Region
Sep 26
COPA migration

COPA Migration 2024 - Scottsdale, AZ

2024 COPA Migration at The Westin in Scottsdale, AZ! Hotel registrations are open! Click for more...
Scottsdale, AZ
Southwest United States Region
Oct 11
Safety events

CPPP 3-Day | Wichita, KS

CPPP 3-Day in Wichita, KS. October 11-13, 2024.

Wichita, KS
South Central United States Region
Oct 19
Safety events

CPPP 2-Day | Salzburg, Austria - Avionics

CPPP 1-Day in Salzburg, Austria. October 19-20, 2024. 

Salzburg, Austria
Europe Region
Oct 26
Safety events

CPPP One-Day - Plymouth, MA

CPPP One-Day in Plymouth, MA | Registration is OPEN!

October 26, 2024

Plymouth, MA
Northeast United States Region
Nov 8
Safety events

CPPP 3-Day | Port Macquarie, Australia

CPPP 3-Day in Port Macquarie, Australia. November 8-10, 2024.

Orange, Australia
Australia Region

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