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CPPP is a world-class recurrent training experience with GA ground courses and Cirrus-specific flight instruction during a weekend of socializing with like-minded owners and their partners.

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July 26th

Join your Fellow COPA members at Oshkosh for the annual COPA dinner! Monday July 26th 202,  5PM CDT

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As of May 12nd, 2021

104 CAPS Saves:

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
With 212 survivors (15 serious injuries, 30 minor injuries, 148 uninjured) and 1 fatality


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Those scheduled for the initial [COPA Pilot Proficiency Program] flight training expressed anxiety as they were over-awed by the resumes of their allocated COPA instructors. However, upon return they all had grins borne out of accomplishment and amazement as to how good the instructors were at stretching their flight envelope without putting them down.

— D.A., Australia

Thanks for all the Good Info Smile (on airports and FBOs) I now have ten times more info than i had previously, and can make an Informed decision, This is just one of many reasons why i find $65 a year for COPA dues to be worthwhile.

— P.B., CO

When I read this form and find videos, simulators, etc, I feel like I bumped into a virtual Cirrus piñata, and all that brain candy is raining down on my head. At other times I sense I’ve stumbled into a room with the cast of characters straight out of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

— A.S., CT

I make a living teaching others about these great aircraft, and I use COPA and COPA Pilot magazine to keep me up to date with current maintenance and safety issues. I spend time with each student during initial and recurrent training, discussing accident statistics. The compilation of data contained in this website and in the Safety Issue makes for easy analysis and if incorporated in proper training should have an impact on fleet training.

— G.W., CA

If you want to have a great experience, make new friends, enjoy yourself, and significantly improve your piloting skills and flying safely, DO NOT MISS CPPP!

— (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program)

I think pilots feel [a CPPP weekend] is going to be very stressful and a test situation ... It is just the opposite -- the learning is tremendous and I always had the feeling that everyone was there to help me be a better pilot. Additionally the people you meet, the staff and participants become friends.

— (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program)

I was a fairly experienced pilot with more than 1500 hrs. experience and 500+ hrs in a T210. The COPA website was one of the major reasons why I purchased a Cirrus. The unbelievably eloquent and intelligent posters kept amazing me with their content and opened my eyes to the incredible value and safety Cirrus offered. In the last 5 years on COPA I have learned more about aviation safety, IFR procedures and aviation weather in general than in the previous 15 years!

— R.V., CA

I joined COPA right after I started my PPL training, and I can't even begin to gauge how much knowledge I have obtained through the forums. There is the old saying that someone may have 10 years experience, but it might only be 1 year of experience 10 times over. My goal is learn something new about aviation every day. That's pretty easy to do on these forums.

— B.C., CA

I joined COPA just before buying an SR22 in 2003. I had been flying "seriously" about 4 years and had around 550 hours. Participation in COPA taught me a ton about operating my new airplane safely. It was a two way street. I learned and I shared. The community has been awesome. Not just from a safety perspective, but from a life perspective. There are many new friends I've gained over these past 5 years. Awesome.

— T.A., MN

I'm very appreciative of the COPA community as an amazing wealth of knowledge.

— K.B., CA