C2A Clinic - Sacramento-Mather, CA

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Event Start: Friday, June 23, 2023  •  All Day

Event End: Sunday, June 25, 2023  •  All Day

Location: Sacramento-Mather, CA

Region: Southwest United States Region

Join the COPA-to-AirVenture (C2A) Formation group for an exciting weekend where you will learn the basics of formation flying.  The weekend begins with a demo flight so you can better absorb the 2 hour ground school where we go over the standard operating procedures.  We will fly several sorties on Saturday, starting with station keeping and gradually advancing to turns and close trail.  When comfortable, we will introduce element departures and landings (often on your second clinic).  

All skill levels are welcome.  Our priorities are Safety, Fun, and then Formation flying skills.  It is a self paced learning environment, where you remain the PIC and fly as much or as little as you want.  Typically, 2 or 3 one hour sorties per day is about right.  Attending a clinic and demonstrating the ability to fly formation solo is a prerequisite to join the C2A Mass Arrival into Oshkosh that we conduct every year where we receive a time slot for arrival and park/camp together in the North 40.  

Many participants remark how much better of a stick and rudder pilot they are after attending one clinic.  You will make new friends, likely get some great aerial photos of your plane, and smile and sweat at the same time.  

More info can be found at C2A.club


DISCLAIMER : COPA supports helping pilots improve their skills in the interest of aviation safety. In furtherance of this goal, COPA allows C2A to promote its formation activities and events on the COPA website and in these forums. C2A is a Nevada Limited Liability Company, and is not owned or affiliated with COPA, the COPA Safety and Education Foundation, or the COPA Training LLC. COPA does not control the activities of C2A, and invites its members to learn more about C2A from the C2A website:www.c2a.club 1.

**** COPA® is a registered trademark of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association and is used by C2A with permission. !**

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