COPA provides numerous resources and training programs for pilots new to Cirrus. Recent discussion threads suggested some structure to these ideas. This page will soon contain ideas and links to existing programs. For now, pilots new to a Cirrus might consider these priorities:

1) Transition training through the global Cirrus Training Partner network and Cirrus Embark Training

Cirrus Aircraft provides two transition training syllabi, one that emphasizes VFR maneuvers with aircraft-specific systems and avionics knowledge, the other that emphasizes IFR procedures. Some insurance companies require Cirrus transition training. Regrettably, low time-in-type COPA Pilots who show up in fatal accidents often lack this transition training.

2) COPA University CPPP (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program)

The CPPP weekend events combine Cirrus-specific knowledge courses with social interaction among like-minded safety-conscious COPA Pilots. Look at the safety training event calendar for one new you.

3) COPA Forum Discussions

Jump in with your questions. Of course, do some diligence with the search function by posing your topic and reviewing some of the 1,000,000 posts on the COPA forum since 2001! But, the COPA community continues to show its generosity in responding to questions about things of interest to pilots new to Cirrus